why men can be dissolute ,while women can not?

May 26, 2007 1:52am CST
my best friend broke up with her bf yesterday. just because she had a one night stand with a stranger when she was drunk. she didn't mean to it ,it is really a suddenness. but her bf wanted to break up. as a matter of fact ,her bf has so many one night stands before,and my friend forgave him,but now ,see what happened ,why he can not forgive once ,just a suddenness,why ? my friend loves him very much,so now ,of course ,i have to comfort her ,but i really can not get it ,why men can do ,women can not . what's your opinion, my friends?
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@ljcapps (1926)
• United States
26 May 07
Your friends boyfriend is a hypocrite. Period. My wife and I both understand that if there is ever another in our hearts or bed then there is nothing left between us. The old phrase "What is good enough for the goose, is good enough for the gander." should have been taken into account from the beginning. Besides if he cannot be faithful to your friend why would she have wanted to stay with him in the first place?
• China
26 May 07
yes ,i know ,i can realize it clearly. but my friend can not . you know ,love is something magic ,and something that you can not explain,so it seems like that my friend has been deep in it , oh ,my ,i got a headache now, she cries and cries ,my blouse is all wet now.
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@nicks007 (132)
• India
26 May 07
I think that the guy really doesn't deserve the gal..... because if he can go for 1 night stands then he shudn't have any problem wid his girl doin the same......
• China
26 May 07
i think so . so i don't like the guy ,and i really despise him.