Does height really matters?

talll - taller than me
@bimflux (294)
May 26, 2007 3:37am CST
All around the world here in mylot hear me. What if i ask you do you like a taller guy ladies?Does height really matters? For me its not because my girlfriend is taller than i do and here in our place i think many of the relationships here are same as i do. But you know what i still feel ashamed about it, imagine my girlfriend is taller than me about 2inches. Hehehe! But she loves me and we are happy so what else should i want more..
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@wdiong (1818)
• Singapore
26 May 07
Well, to be honest,I would prefer a tall guy to a short one. I would feel uncomfortable if I have to 'look down' at him all the time. I'm of average height and most guys I've come across are all taller than me.
@Phlamingho (7831)
• Denmark
26 May 07
I guess it dosen't matter as such but I'm almost 2 meters tall and if a girld was higher than me then it would just be scary, so I would never date a woman higher than me.
• United States
26 May 07
for me it does. i like tall LEAST 6ft. i like being able to wear heels and not see over the top of his head! plus there is just something "safe" feeling about being able to tuck under your mans arm and not have to crouch.