loose change 9-11

United States
May 26, 2007 12:07pm CST
Has anyone seen Loose Change 9-11 on google and do you believe any of it?
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@Anakata2007 (1787)
• Canada
31 May 07
yes I believe it all. My husband is an engineer and my dad is a pilot. Both of them insist that what they claim happenned was just impossible. So who knows what happenned, but what they are saying DIDN'T. I can't comment on all the issues that they raised in loose change, only in the Twin Towers collapse (ie-can you say controlled demolition) and the jet fuel issue. As for flight 93 "dissappearing" I really can't comment on that, except for that I wouldn't be surprised to hear it was all bullsh!t.
• Australia
30 Mar 08
Yes i think that it is probably the sort of thing the goverment could and maybe would do to win over the faith of their people. It is sad to think that this could be true and that there is more and more backing to this story as they look further into it. This fued between American and Iraq goverment has been going on for years, and grew into this. I think there is alot of information yet to be found out about the armed forces in these countries and the objectives of these missions. There is alot of money going into this project and that cant be for no reason. Then weapons they claim to want have never been found and the only reason they insist that they know they are there is because they still have documentation of selling these weapons to the Iraqi's. Weapons of mass destruction should not be for sale in the first place, and i think it is America who should be being held accountable for their actions. I think young people dont trust a word they see on the TV about political matters and the polititions themselves as the people know now that it doesn't matter who is said before the election as usually it is only ever just said and not acted upon.
• United States
1 Jul 07
Loose Change is BS. They refuse to acknowledge fact and base all their theories on circumstantial coincidence. The twin towers falling was not a controlled demolition. Look at any other video of a controlled demo and you will notice the same thing - explosions at every level, every story. You don't see this at the WTC site. All it takes is a infastructure malfunction to bring all that weight crashing down on itself. It's called physics. And do you realize the paper trail that would have to be left behind in order for this to be some sort of vast right-wing conspiracy?? The amount of cover-up would be insane. All it would take would be a single person on the inside with actual documented proof that something of this nature took place. But, guess what...there is no proof...or evidence. Because it's a load of crap! Loose Change has no evidence, and they refuse to listen to those that do.
@farazkh1 (1157)
• Pakistan
17 Jun 07
The fact findings are great and i really appreciate the efforts to know reality and let others know the truth to break the blind faith on the liers and murderes of humanity ........ i found it to be almost true ...... http://www.physics911.net