Found a great site to network with other dieters, fitness + exercise fans

Like my new fit body!? - This is how I want to look in my new dress I'm hoping all this fitness and training pays off!
May 26, 2007 7:22pm CST
Ive found this really good website and i thought I'd add my link here for everyone at mylot. The sites for anyone whose on a diet, getting fit or working out. It's a kind of community and networking site. You dont have to be on a diet though to join you can join if you want to get support for your fitness and keep fit program as well. You can join different teams, have a blog and have a to do and motivation list. They've also got recipes there and goals to achieve on your fitness program and diet to lose weight. The site seems really good and Ive just joined. You also get points and rewards for getting points but i dont know how that works quite yet. But for example you can keep track of your calories and weight loss and exercise program all online and join teams to make contacts if anyones a member add your link here or please visit from mine and sign up let me know what you think about the site
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