Growing up a Foster Kid

Janesville, Wisconsin
May 26, 2007 9:09pm CST
I wrote this on October 26th, 1998 - DNatureofDTrain ----------- Growing up a Foster Kid. Some people are thrown out of their foster home when they "check out". My parents do foster parenting for a living. At our home, we are required to have a foster kid,just before they check out, are required to take some night classes on Independant Living.. It's supposed to prepare them for their living on their own. My parents don't kick them out or on their own when they officially check out. My parents encourage them to either continue schooling or get a job. They also encourage them to live with us, or a family member, until they are sure they can support themselves. They check out at the age of 18 in the State's fostering system. Some foster kids feel that they should move out, anyhow.. My parents are very delighted when they make it, and come back to share it. ------ In the Here and now.. As a follow up to this. The State passed a law so that Foster children are no longer allowed to remain living in their foster homes after they check out of the system.. So in many cases after foster care, if they do not find a friend, or a relative to live with. They end up on the streets or in homelessness. I know 5 of my former foster siblings who ended up on the streets... and are still struggling to make it... I am proud of them as they have made it off the streets and are living a better life, and I was surprised when some that I have lost touch with as much as 11 years ago, recognized me on the internet, and contacted me, and still consider me a sister/brother, althought we are not related. So out of all the trauma and heart ache, trials and challenges that goes with foster care system, and that goes with my role as a foster sibling.. To me knowing that I have friends literally all over the U. S. That looks to me as a family member, and is glad I helped and supported them through those times, is very rewarding in itself. - DNatureofDTrain
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27 May 07
I think it most be very hard living in a foster home . Living as you did with people coming in and out and being made relatives over night then sometimes gone just as fast I could not handle it myself . I am sure the state has reasons so that the foster kids no longer live with the foster parents although I wish there was a way to help them adjust most families won't throw kids out on the streets a foster home should not be forced to either .
• Janesville, Wisconsin
3 Jun 07
I think most of the system can and does work and help. But their transitioning. I do not think is the best they need to change the transitions so we are not throwing the children, the fosterparents, or the siblings into shock, but suddenly ripping them from one home to another one, in the manner they do.. It just is not healthy for all involved when they do it this way. Thanks for sharing. - DNatureofDTrain