If you were President, what would you do?

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May 26, 2007 10:59pm CST
If you were President, how would you change things, what would you change, and why would you change them? What do you think is going wrong with our economy and society as of now and would you change it?
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@irishmist (3820)
• United States
30 May 07
Oh this is a good discussion topic! I would lower all taxes. I would also stop giving out raises to all the high officals in any office. I would get to the bottom of this gas price situation and do something about it. But we can't get lower gas prices.. and this makes me wonder Why? Humm perhaps keeping wars going on is more important? We need to stop putting our troops through all this needless killing. There are so many issues to be addressed. By the way I'll be needing a raise, Just so I can address all the situations that need attention.
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• United States
3 Jun 07
Lol! Good points and a great response. I too wonder why something isnt being done about these gas prices. I was watching the news, they said Exon Mobile made a 9billion dollar profit, now doesnt that tell you something! How ridiculous this is!