When it rains, it pours!

United States
May 26, 2007 11:18pm CST
I'm sure you all have had a bad day that you were very glad to see end. That's what my day has been like. Everything was going fine until I walked out the door. Every stop I made ended up a disaster or some mishap. Then I must of brought the storm cloud home with me because it didn't stop there. My other half set it up so that my little one had a sitter so that we could get out and do some fishing without having to deal with a 4 year old every 2 minutes. FINALLY I have a little time off. Well a buddy was supposed to go so we waited around forever and took off when we decided he was a no show. OH, I WAS MAD! It boiled down to having a couple hours to fish. An hour in it started raining. Then it rained harder so we got in the car. We get a few blocks away and it down pours! LOL Of course I was already all wet. Now I can sit and laugh because it was a perfect ending to one of the worst days of my life. Anyone wanna share a bad day?
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• Philippines
1 Jun 07
It's presently raining and schedules are not done well. However, the rain is good because we lack water here. But when it floods, we suffer and damages are inevitable. And those are bad days especially when there is also typhoon.
• United States
1 Jun 07
Oh, I can only imagine what your community goes through. We had a flood back in 1993, and it was devastating for some communities. I wasn't affected personally, but emotionally by all the news media. When I see top stories about typhoons, hurricanes, etc. it really makes me think about how my life isn't so bad. Thanks for sharing your experience. Prayers and positive thoughts go out to your community.