Does age make a difference in the success of marriage?

May 27, 2007 5:38am CST
Are people who marry early in life have a better chance of making it success than people who marry late... any comments.
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@vinumdas (261)
• India
27 May 07
I think ppl who marry early hav a better chance of sucess, coz the get much time to understand each other. And sometimes behaving immaturely can expose more of your true behavior.
@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
27 May 07
If the marriage destiny is to break up , no matter what happend , it will break sooner or later .so i don't think it will make difference in the sucess of marriage
@lucy67 (819)
• China
27 May 07
whether a marriage is successful or not depends on many factors and age is only one of them. but mature people are more likely to make their marriage successful. though being old doesn't necessarily mean becoming maturer, i think people who marry late are more likely to have a happy marriage.
@lexus54 (3576)
• Singapore
27 May 07
I feel what's more pertinent is how mature both partners are, how long they have been in a relationship before marriage to know each other well enough, how financially secure they are and how prepared they are to lose their freedom of singlehood and be faithful only to one partner after marriage. People who marry very early, perhaps say at age 18 or 19, run a higher risk of their marriage not lasting, because they may not have adequately prepared themselves for a marriage life. They may get disillusioned after marriage if they didn't know what to expect. More time to be prepared will certainly help here. This can also happen to those who marry later, but generally the risks are higher, I think, for younger people.
• Nepal
27 May 07
I don't think it makes any difference