Counseling and Hidden Truth

Counseling and Hidden Truth - This image is expressing the dark side means the hidden side,hidden truth, which needs to open up and lightenin thereality as well as the fact oflife has to accept for the betterment of the life!
@healwell (1268)
Ahmedabad, India
May 27, 2007 5:57am CST
This subject is directly related with psychologist and counselors who are used to do and follow the psychotherapy in a traditional way as well as connect the new invention and suggest the therapeutic diagnose by the psychiatrist! This counseling is now also part of healing and those who are healers have to do this with their healing process and suggest some thing positive to follow in daily life and apply that everyday to heal the person! It is said and believed that counseling is opening the hidden truth in the patient after few conversations and question answer processes. Some time the core question suddenly touched the patient and the hidden truth comes out with appositive part of healing and patient’s condition starts to heal! Anyone believe in this? Who thinks that counseling is part of healing and healing practitioners should do this with their healing processes? Counseling is opening hidden truth, is that true?
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15 Jun 07
I have found counseling to be very helpful to me. There are often different ways of stating a problem that I don't think of myself, but once I hear them the "light bulb" of comprehension comes on! The brain is such a miraculous part of the body and holds more power over our health and well-being than most of us realize, particularly on the sub-conscious level. If more people could realize the power we each hold through our thoughts alone, the world would be so much different!