modern politics and castism

May 27, 2007 7:37am CST
Indian politics has a changing scenario.In these days the politics is taking a new shape.The politics is of caste.As shown in the UP elections the politics centered around caste.It is a fact that anti incumbency factor also effects but caste effects a lot.I am not against the uplifting of poor but the way is totally wrong.In the name of reservation they are always exploited by the politicians but reservation could not solve there problems.In the last 60 years they are used a vote bank for congress in the name of reservation.But after sometime in the previous 20 years this vote bank has totally turned there face towards regional parties.I ask who has been benefited by this.The people who were at the top in the initial stages has now on the same stage.The politician should have an agenda of Socio-Economic euailty.If they can do this is the only solution to uplifting the poor.But none has courage to do this.I think next 15 years the politics will centered around mayawati.Who will be benefited let us see.
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