How mylot pays us???

May 27, 2007 9:21am CST
i just wondering guys how mylot pay us how much cnet pay us in 1 comment,picture or creating new discussion i ahve no idea about it so i dont know how i will do to gain more money could you anyone here help me giving me some idea about it thank you in advance and add me as friends pls...
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@ryanphil01 (4186)
• Philippines
28 May 07
i think it is inappropriate to discuss here the DETAILS of how earnings are calculated because this is the job of mylot admin. what is best for us members is to actively participate in discussions, post good topics and upload photos under your interests if you like since it earns in a way. the more you post and reply to discussions based on mylot guidelines the better chances you get higher points and earnings.
@mani123 (354)
• India
28 May 07
hi! i don't get any payment.i response you from my earnings .. more responses give more money...
@arsena (293)
• Germany
28 May 07
There is no clear explanation of how we get the money. But the pictures are not the key. I think good answer with good rating or good discussion with a lot of answers is the key to get more money.
@tellus (1443)
• Finland
27 May 07
i know posting a photo you´ll get $0.01, but if i remember right it has limit up to 15 per day. i just finished posting 100 posts and got only $.016 to my account. maybe i was because of asnwered with only 2 or three words + sometimes a link. got some advicea baout posting hopefully to reach that $10 soon as possibe!