Man - Monkey

May 27, 2007 9:39am CST
Charles Darwin says the grand-grand fathers of human beings were monkeys We all know the mischiefs doing by monkeys. There is an old saying at my place " just like strings of flower in the hand of monkeys" If the monkey gets a flower string it will destroy it completely. Man has a lot of abilities. But it must be used sensibly. But man is not doing this. A lot of discoveries (just like Atom Bomb or Hydrogen Bomb) has now became quite freighting Will the earth in the hands of man become just like string flower in the hands of monkeys ? It is said that human beings without any goal is equal to mad monkeys.
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@oldiebut (859)
• Canada
27 May 07
Hmm, first Darwin did not say anything like you describe. Second, we have actually reduced the amount of destruction over the last 50 years. Wars are a much smaller scale and there are actual bodies to take grievances to for the first time in history. The last 50 years have also seen the first concentrated efforts at peacekeeping. The chance of a wide scale nuclear conflagration are the lowest they have been in the last 50 years. Overall I think you are confusing the goal with the process.
• India
27 May 07
I could not understand the meaning of the word "amount of destruction" mentioned by you. If you are saying about the chance of nuclear war between countries, it may be true. But if you are talking about the cost incurred for weapons, I am afraid this is not true. But we have to think about the quantity of destructive weapons available with countries and I am only mentioning about the possibility of a mad man or mad country using it. Thank you for the response.