Citizens V.S C.J

United States
May 27, 2007 11:45am CST
Okay, In the game there are people who rob people of their money NEAR cops, people who kill people NEAR cops... people to KILL the COPS and do not get "wasted" or arrested... Yet when C.J sprays graffitti, he gets chased down, killed, and money taken and all that. Why is it like that?
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@ptotheb (230)
• New Zealand
24 Sep 07
Well, this is just a video game, and although the ai is pretty good. however it still has all these glitches. but hey, the game does have agud story line and long misssions to cover it up right?
@vivek2006 (1419)
• India
10 Aug 07
Every GTA lover understand one thing, the police are their own gang against you in the game. They are there to make life difficult for you. They don't care about what else is happening in the city. I hope this thing gets sorted out in the next GTA IV which is said to be the biggest and the best GTA ever.
• India
6 Jul 07
Another thing is that we get to die and be reborn again and again which is impossible.Also in any mission if we kill the main person, he is still back the next time we start the mission. Once i was being shot by some guys and i hid behind a cop, even he got hit but instead of shooting back at them he turned around and ran for his life. When we die or get busted people take our weapons and we reach the hospital, whereas when we kill someone the ambulance comes and brings him to life and the person starts shooting at us as soon as he gets up....... This is something I hate the most, you waste your ammo, life and armor to kill the person and he gets up and shoots you again................... ................................................By Shadow
@mhd_aqib (11)
• India
25 Jun 07
Every game has some glitches and san andreas is no exception.Considering the length and massiveness of the game we should ignore this small mistake.Afterall san andreas is a legendary game and we the devlopers for making it!!