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Sunsets to give you inspiration for your Hub Pages - Just a shared photo of a sunset to give you some inspiration for your online money making advertising!
May 27, 2007 1:51pm CST
I just wanted to let members at MyLot know I've started a Hub Page I know some of you know what a Hub page is but if you dont its a one page web page where you can add some text and photos on any subject you choose. Also there's a comments box for others to add comments and you can join other hubbers fan clubs to build a network of hubbers. To make money you can add your google id, amazon ebay and 1 other but i forget which one that is and make money from ad views when anyone clicks on an ad theyre interested in. it's a great way of promotion and networking and you can make 100's of hub pages linking them together in groups. A nice gimmick dont you think. well if you havent signed up please do here heres the deal if you sign up please click on join my fan club ad join my fan club reply to this post and leave your link - all hubbers leave your links - ill visit your hub page click to join your fan club and comment on one of your pages. Oh and i forgot you can also link to others hub pages and earn 10% of what their page makes by using a special link tracking url so bloggers you can find some good material to link to on hub pages and earn a bit extra. so if youre a hubber or want to giveit a go then please post and leave your hub pages links here. Also tell me your views and/or sucesses with this program if you want
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