what do you think of public protests?

@mattier (111)
United States
May 27, 2007 2:37pm CST
with all that happened in Greensburg, of all reasons, that retard Fred Phelps protested at a mans funeral who died in the tornado. he said it was a sin to bury the man saying that god was judging the people of greensburg. in the bible (which i haven't completely commited to) it says that god wouldn't do anything like that, bring disaster. this is sad, this man has to degrade people just to get a spotlight. mr. phelps jugde not lest u b judged, if you hear about this I DON'T CARE, i am wiccan/pegan, and i still believe in god, he hasn't punished me so BE WARNED, you have judged so you yourself are being judged BY ME I used to live in Greensburg, i had moved shortly b4 the tornado, now go ahead and say its my fault phelps u r not the one who can place blame
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