What would you do?

South Africa
May 27, 2007 3:16pm CST
Greetings to you and I hope that you are all having a great day. I was wondering what people would do if they observed the following crime takiing place... You are walking to the local shop at around 8 pm. You make your purchases and take a shortcut home through a parking lot. In the parking lot is a medium sized truck type vehicle, what we south africans call a "bakkie". In front are 3 males and on the open back section is a guy grappling with a woman, a female known to be a street person or vagrant.Another female in the lot, presumably the victims friend, is yelling to you that these guys are taking the woman off somewhere to rape her. You turn to the vehicle and see that the guy on the back is cursing and waving a gun, and one of the guys in front is also armed. The guy in back now has this female tightly controlled with gun and physical force and is laughing. Then the vehicle takes off and in the dark you can see no registration number. How would you have reacted in a situation like this? Would you have risked it and pounced on the man in the back, who was armed? Would you have done nothing to endanger your life, but afterwards called the cops?? Would you perhaps not haved cared a wink, given that she was just a street person? You ask your own self, the answer might amaze you.. I am waiting to hear it. JesseTheCat
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• Philippines
27 May 07
Since I'm a girl and not really physically strong with my build, I don't think I would be able to have the guts to pounce the man in the back since I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't be capable of knocking him out especially if he has a huge build with muscles and all. I would probably walk back and find other people who might be more capable and good-hearted to help out the lady and at the same time dial my cellphone and call the cops. And also pray that something or someone might distract and alarm them from doing such a horrible act.