Six Flags Trip to Hell!

United States
May 27, 2007 6:14pm CST
Okay so me and my family are going to goto Six flags and I ask my boyfriend aka "the devil in disguise" to come so we can sit together on the rides and just get out! After I ahd my son I just needed to do something.. anyways so he agrees but not without me begging him;/ anyways so we get there and I shouldve known he was going to be a jerk about the entire day he says hes going to goto the car and just wait till I was done and i'm thinking great. So he starts to walk away and I tell him he doesn't have a phone or anything to call me so if he leaves it would be absolute hell to try and find him plus I have my son to take care of and you knwo what he does.. He leaves! so I spend the entire day looking for him didn't get to go on any rides. My son starts freaking out and so im walking back and fourth from the car to six flags very long walk! because I have this huge stroller to push and I had no idea if I could get on the trolley with it. and so about 3 hours later I finally see him my face is just completely messed up I have long black streaks running down from my mascara and all this guy can say is I couldnt find you.. UGH! so yea a day from hell...
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