Waiting for THE ONE

May 27, 2007 10:01pm CST
We were told by our parents, reatives or even friends about waiting for the right person. I still believe it to be true. And most of the time, that person comes when you least expect it. Don't you guys think so? The usual problem with teenagers are they aeem to be impatient into getting a relationship with someone and they tend to think that the first person who comes along their way is the ONE. In most cases, the ONE that they thought turned out to be a NIGHTMARE. And this does not only hold true to teenagers, even real mature adults experience this. I really thing that Patience is a Virtue....
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@lexus54 (3576)
• Singapore
28 May 07
When a person is young and has time on his hands, it is often good to broaden his circle of friends and get to know more people, before deciding on a life partner. Sometimes, it takes years to discover the true character about another person. So getting into relationships quickly, or choosing the first one who comes along, may be a catalyst to disaster. After all, a life partner is supposed to be for life, so taking some time to discover a person before deciding she is a suitable life partner is prudent, otherwise one can get nightmares later on in life. I have observed that many youngsters of school going age who get into relationships while still schooling do not end up with the same partner years down the road. I suppose it is because as they mature and discover more about their partners, they find themselves incompatible with each other, and feel the relationship isn't sustainable.