the cat and the dog

@mari123 (1862)
May 28, 2007 12:05am CST
The cat is a domestic animal like the dog. They live near man every days. The cat is fed by the man and the dog too. But the cat is a resourceful animal. He mouse the mice because he is feline and very clever. The cat is not dirty, his is very tidy in himself and walk proudly as a King without noise. In facing of the cat the mouse is terrified and don't move. Poor mouse. He's the prey of the cat so that hotel keeper buy the cats and put them in the hotels to secure their hotels. The importance of cat is to secure house against the mice ... But dog is a domestic animal too like the cat and is not tidy as the cat because man cleans him everyday otherwise he is dirty, man feeds him in entire or else he is hungry. However, the importance of dog is to guard house against the thieves. The thieves are afraid of dog to steal something from somebody who has a guard dog at home. Then the dog secure home. But where is the problem between the cat and the dog ? Why the both remain enemies and beat always and dislike to live together ? The dog hunt for the cat. Luckily cat climb on the tree and the dog stay angrily under tree because he can't climb on the tree, poor dog !!! Where is their problem ? I guess because the both alike is a carnivorous and like the meat. I think also they fighting over the flesh. Cat wants to be favour on the meat and the dog too wants to be favour on the meat while they live together with the common owner in the house. They remain rivals around the meat sure. What do you think, tell me.
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