Car Safety tips: My brother was robbed in broad daylight.

@Abbyey (760)
May 28, 2007 12:14am CST
It was Wednesday (May 23) he drove our mom to a church activity by 9:00am in one of buildings of UP "University of the Philippine" afterwards he went to the UP's sunken garden just to relax for a 10-15 minutes. When the went back to his car he saw to guys smoking nearby. The guys look very decent like students. He felt safe, he open the car and change his clothes so that he would go back to our mom's activity and join in. After he changed his clothes, he went in the car, to his surprise the two guys also went in tha car (one beside him and the other at the back), he was SHOCKED and wasnt able to respond immediately. The guys said, "Give me 30k". He didnt see any weapon with the guy beside him but he wasnt sure about the guy at the back. So my brother said, "I dont have 30k". The guy saw an my Mom's ATM on top of the dashboard, he said "withdraw 30k". My brother still thinking, he said "I dont know the PIN number". The guy said, " Ok then we'll take the car instead." My brother didnt respond immediately... so the guy said "DRIVE". While they were driving towards "EDSA" the two guys were talking about taking the car to PAMPANGA "A province". My brother GOT scared because he knew those carnapping cases that was brought to that province usually the driver ends up DEAD. The guys somehow knew that my brother knows the PIN. So they asked him again to withdraw. So my brother just followed and withdraw... but he only gave them 24k and the guys took the money but they didnt get off still. My brother got more scared because he already gave the money and still they didnt get off... but after driving a few more km... the guys get off in one of the streets. My brother shocked went back to my MOM and told her while he was still shievering... PLEASE EVEN IF YOU THINK ITS SAFE. YOU NEED TO CHANGE SHIRTS OR DO ANYTHING... PLEASE DO IT INSIDE THE CAR (LOCK IT). Inspite of all the events, my brother is still BLESSED because they did not HURT him.
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• Philippines
28 May 07
Thank you for sharing this experience with us. I am a UP student and I'm glad to have read your caution.
@alpine_007 (1476)
• Pakistan
28 May 07
that is terrible and really scary experience which you are telling about, but this is good that your brother is safe. in my country people are stealing mobiles while people are walking or stopped on the lights. here is my mom's real story my mom was walking in the busiest roads in my city at night, i was talking to my brother and were some steps away from om and my mom was walking and two guys on motorcycle came and took her purse which was hanging on her shoulder and my mom just fall down because they were coming on motorcycle at a speed and she had to suffer from fractures
@g3n3j0rd (721)
• Philippines
28 May 07
That was really scary. It's really hard to trust strangers even if they are wearing decent clothes. Usually, that is their ploy so that you won't think negatively on them at first sight. I'm glad you're brother was not hurt. It's a good thing that ATM has some money on it. If not, those criminals would be taking his car for sure and could have killed your brother. I know that place, the sunken garden, and it's even inside a university. It's appalling how criminal acts like this can be done inside a campus and at broad daylight too! Nobody feels safe anymore.