Is it safe to upload our private pictures on the internet?

@dsuesue (180)
May 28, 2007 1:21am CST
Sometimes, I want to upload picture of my own on the internet, but I'm not sure if it's safe to do so, what do you think?
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• Lincoln, Nebraska
28 May 07
If you mean safe by the fact that other people might see them then of course not because other people are going to see them. Now if you zip them and email them as an attachment to someone then only that person should see them when they unzip the file.
@milott (2648)
• India
28 May 07
It all depends on where you post it. Mostly posting personal pictures on the internet is not safe as you can guess the total internet is not safe these days. You can hear lots of news about abuses on the internet that has been creeping up on the net espeically on the social networking sites like myspace, etc. So you should be careful on posting it and if you still want to post it, post it privately and invitely only those whom you know to view them rather than all.
@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
28 May 07
No it is not safe to upload our private pictures to the internet as there are so many leechers who will copy our photo and redit