How many of you have bouhgt or sold anything on eBay?

May 28, 2007 3:44am CST
how many of you have bought or sold anything on eBay.and what was your experience.please share it here so that all of us can benefit with them.Is it worth buying or selling on eBay?
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28 May 07
i mainly buy on ebay but there has been times that i`ve sold, it depends on what your selling for it to be a benifit to you, i would reccomend that if you are planning on selling something check on ebay first to see if that item sells well or not. i have picked up a few bargins on ebay and will continue to shop there for a while longer, it is however a game of chance. you cant allways gaurentee that the other person will send you the item but out of the 4 years i have used ebay i have only had that happen to me twice. i would advise you to be careful though and ALWAYS check the persons feedback score. good luck