what is this? (photo)

May 28, 2007 5:54am CST
LEMUR or OWL MONKEY or SLOTH BEAR?This is the only species of its kind that is nocturnal.With its large eyes, it is well adapted to see at night, but it can not perceive colors.
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@yanjiaren (9050)
6 Jul 07
Wow so if it doesn't see colours how does it determine sight? Does it go by heat sensors? I have no I dea if it doesn't see by colour..I would think then it sees by heat? I have never heard of the Sloth Bear? Is it called that because it sleeps during the day?
8 Jul 07
This one is also another mistake by me. i really forgot to attach the photo and forgot about it for a long time...lol.. anyway, the answer would be OWL MONKEY...i'll try to attach the photo next time....lol.. thanks Yanji...you have brightened up my day!!!lol...