The ultimate alternative to Google adsense

May 28, 2007 5:56am CST
If you spend any time at all clicking on Google ads you will find that ads fall into two categories. Some people are advertising a product - usually a clickbank product, but sometimes another affiliate program OR the smart ones are offering a course, a free download, or a report of some description. Why are they smart? Because a well written course that builds trust, and interest offers the course giver countless opportunities to sell products over and over again to an opt in subscriber This is how the big guys make their oodles of cash - yes they will sell directly via their website, but I would suggest that only 10% of on line sales are made the first time a customer views the website - a well written course that directs the reader back to the website(s) of the owner is going to sell more because it gives the course provider multiple opportunities to sell to your readers. Let's take one easy example It would be relatively easy to run a short seven day course on Internet security. In this course you could cover Firewalls, password protection, anti virus programs, anti spyware programs, registry errors etc And during the course you could make a number of recommendations of affiliate related products - clickbank alone sells dozens of security products, but it doesn't end there - you can give your subscribers (because that's what they are) weekly newsletters, including your testimony on how well spyware nuker or registry fix work for you (just two examples off the top of my head folks) and as you build trust and loyalty readers will follow your recommendations. So, when you're setting up your monetized website with it's Google adsense income stream take a moment to consider who is really going to benefit from those ads - the chances are you're selling yourself way short
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29 May 07
Very good advice thanks