May 28, 2007 6:13am CST
When I was younger, I used to be bullied by my classmates. I was frail and thin. I was at the same time ahy and a loner. I can still remember the names of the people who used to make fun of me when we were in Grade 1. I always cry and hide in the restroom. I thought the bullying wouldn't end. When I reached third grade, I changed. I became involved in sports and I managed to become stronger. Boys can't make me cry anymore. I was the new terror at school. I just wanted to give them the message that the bullying has to stop, and fortunately, it did.
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@wenkinnoc (483)
28 May 07
I am so very sorry to hear that you were bullied, it is terrible thing to happen to anyone, totally corrosive to your self-esteem, your happiness and your confidence. I am also glad that you turned things around by being assertive and standding up for yourself, remember, bullies are cowards, thats why they operate in packs. Good on you! :)