yahoo or hotmail?

May 28, 2007 12:45pm CST
I use gmail actually but if I were to choose among yahoo and hotmail I'd prefer .. how about you? Explain why also =)
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@farazkh1 (1157)
• Pakistan
16 Jun 07
Yahoo is on first place on my choice and then hotmail because i love yahoo why......? Because with yahoo id you can have worlds best email client,you can play games,you can join yahoo answers,you can use yahoo messenger and yahoo 360 blogs so what else we want from a single id ........ and hotmail is good for Msn messenger which is good for online chatting and hotmail email is good too but not as good as yahoo now you can avail this id with WINDOWS LIVE also its good too ........ Yahoo is my primary email address ...........
16 Jun 07
i would choose hotmail, only because it was the first email account i opened, so im used to it, i have tried to use yahoo but i could not really get the hang of it!!!
• India
16 Jun 07
well i prefer bth but for complete different purposes. hotmail is god for its mailing service i.e. sending n recieving e-mails. hwever if it comes to messenger thn i surely go for yahoo. it is far mre bttr wit real good features sch as mre emorticons and audibles.
• Germany
13 Jun 07
gmail is faster i like it
• Philippines
29 May 07
I also use gmail. I use my Yahoo! mail for personal stuff, from friends and for use with my Friendster account, etc. I used to have Hotmail but that was ages ago. I wouldn't touch it nowadays, I'm a Linux enthusiast and I'd hate to be part of the Microsoft monopoly in any way.
• United States
28 May 07
I use gmail too ;] But between yahoo and hotmail, I prefer hotmail. I use MSN messenger so it coincides with my hotmail account, which is convenient. I don't use yahoo messenger at all. I also find the hotmail layout much more visually pleasing than the yahoo mail layout.
@eiencafe (155)
• Italy
28 May 07
I hate hotmail I used it but not anymore (so what I will say is for past experince, maybe now it improved) because sometimes it didn't deliver emails or deliver them empty... Yohoo is much better and din't have problems so far.
• India
28 May 07
i prefer hotmail over yahoo...i feel they serve better than yahoo
• Brazil
28 May 07
Well, I use both, yahoo and hotmail. Use more the hotmail that yahoo, bescause I use always the Messenger and use use for other ends. Yahoo i use to enter and communicate with people of the same. Both have it's advantagens, we must analyzes them and choose one to use yours advantages. If it was to chosse one would also chosse hotmail.
@mhashahn (62)
• Malaysia
28 May 07
yahoo!! simple and support language for your country.i think gmail so good to use, auto save to draft its additional value.. :)