does this annoy anyone else?

May 28, 2007 1:26pm CST
does it annoy anyone else when their friends say goodnight,or goodbye,then leaving without waiting for you to say goodnight,goodbye,etc..
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@toe_ster (771)
• United States
28 May 07
Sometimes yes. BUt I watched a t.v show when nobody said goodby or goodnight. They just hung uo when they were done. Isn't it a polite thing to do, to acknowledge someone else and by letting them know you ae finished with the conversation and allow them to do the same? Maybe we all just have different phone manners.
• Indonesia
28 May 07
oh yess..that makes me wonder come people hang up their telephone without saying's possible if they're angry to each other though.. but i never found it in real life so far (for that bad telephone manner),let's hope it's only in film :)) thanks for the response!
• Indonesia
5 Jun 07
oh,like my hubby!if he calls me with my full name,i know there must be something wrong,lol.thanks for your comment!
@alpine_007 (1476)
• Pakistan
28 May 07
yes, sometimes it annoys me that someone doesn't even gave you the time say good night even. but still i don't take it on my heart, i just forget about it in one or two minutes.
• Indonesia
28 May 07 will not cause me losing any sleep,lolz.i also will forget it soon.thanks for your response :))
@tonixxx (358)
28 May 07
I think that you could go round and round in circles with this one, if someone says goodnight to you and then leaves or hangs up without hearing you say it, say it anyway. Your manners are still in tact you know you said it and it is there fault they didn't hear it. It probably doesn't even register with them that it happened. But yes it is very irritating.
• Indonesia
28 May 07
that's a good thing to do :)) good comment!
@Dan_ul (858)
• Romania
29 May 07
It's irritating as hell... But then again, may be they don't have time... but who knows, maybe next time I'll explode and kick their a$$ so that they will remember me all their lives:P