Twins born at their moms 60!!!

@cmsk2005 (1770)
United States
May 28, 2007 1:28pm CST
This is the life where we live. These days when lots of women are refusing to give birth of child for the sake of their career, a 60 year old woman (her husband is older than her, but I forgot the exact age) gave birth of a twin in US which I just heard day before yesterday Tv news, 26th May,07. This old couple already has one 29 year old son, one 32 year old daughter and also one 6 and half year old son. Still she wants to be mom of a newborn again. She has confidence and actually they both love parenting very strongly. They are happy and their twins are healthy and nice. But I think still there is lot of other disadvantages for this which is very important.It will be nice to know about it from any expert.
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• United States
28 May 07
This is crazy. I think I heard soemthing about that yesterday, but didn't believe it. There are so many idsadvantages, it's not even funny. Her children should be having children not her. I wonder if her oldest daughter and son have any kids because that will mean that they are going to be OLDER than their aunts/uncles (the twins). That can be very confusing for children. ALSO, there age is a huge factor, aren;t they afraid they won't live long enough to raise them til their adults? well i do wish them the best of luck
@Inky261 (2524)
• Germany
28 May 07
We will have to get used to such news until there is so many of them that stories like that do not make it into the news any more. Mankind is getting older and older. Both of my parents are in their eighties, some relatives in their nineties and I know personally several people older than one hundred years old. This lady must be pretty healthy if she had twins. And she has family. There is advantages and disadvantages to parenting at any age. And a twenty year old mother can be run over by a truck. It is not up to me to judge this lady.
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@lifeluver (743)
• Canada
28 May 07
I just heard about this today. I guess, this lady is now the oldest woman in the US to give birth. And can you guess WHY she decided to have another child?? According to the report I heard today, it was so her 6 yr old could have some company! Although I don't doubt the fact that this woman is a great mother, I do wonder how those twins will make out without thier mother. Those twins might lose thier mother (and father) within the next ten years or so. I suppose, though, the little ones have older siblings that might help them out....I just don't know.
@lesnan (538)
• United States
29 May 07
I think this is very selfish. The parents are already too old to do things with the kids. Imagine what's going to happen when these twins are in their teens. The parents are going to be too old and tired to want to be bothered, and the kids are going to have no supervision. With this new wave of senior-citizen parents, we are also going to have a wave of wayward and dysfunctional children.