Is Christmas still a tradition or just a reason for us to spoil kids?

May 28, 2007 3:53pm CST
well i gotta say im not a Christmassy person, and i detest carol songs! I belve its for familes with children... For example, ive been living withmy partner for near 10 years now and have a baby on the way, but up untill this year, ive never really thought much about it! My little brother is only 17 but is spoilt rotten by all our family and he does nothing to deserve it! which annoys me, as there are billions of kids that would love just to have at least 1 present! let alone hundreds not encluding money! do you think its a tradition to get everyone presents? or just the kids under a certain age?
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@Inky261 (2524)
• Germany
28 May 07
Christmas is Christmas because Jesus was born. It is a tradition. And a very nice one. Everybody should have presents, everybody should celebrate. I like to sing. Christmas carols are nice. It is a great time of the year. If there is problems in a family Christmas might bring it about more than other festivities. But these problems do not have anything to do with Christmas itself.
28 May 07
even if lets say, the child doesnt deserve it? do you reward a child with presents even if he has been bad? what ever happend to "if ur good, santa will bring you"?
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• Portugal
28 May 07
Unfortunately Christmas is no longer a spiritual tradition, but more like a consuming tradition to make people spend money in thing they don't need.
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@jadlin (12)
28 May 07
christmas is still a tradition. young or old there is always something for everyone. but i do believe that there needs to be a limit on what kids ask for and can get. i think that families need to look at the reason we celebrate it then tell there kids your wish list may be long but your only allowed to give your top 10 in this price range to everyone. parents should also have an age pracket ex)1-5 get more learning tool toys (more toys.) 5-8 get toys that can be shared 8-14 tween toys (start to limit toys)12-18 books and games for relaxing after school(limited # of toys) 18+ things they will need later in their journey of life alittle fun and something that says ilove you/care about you and i know you.
@randy88 (685)
• Indonesia
1 Jun 07
christmas is a great tie to met our family, and going to the church
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29 May 07
although i think that christmas is for kids i do agree with you that there spoilt, i remember the biggest thing i would have proberly gotten when i was younger was a bike or a video player...nowadays its computer consols, big tvs etc. i think that when its big familys then yes they should get the presents and adults do without. yes its always nice to get a pressie but i find that its less stressfull if you agree not to bother, thats where our new year comes in to have a good time. so yes i do think its just for kids :-)