Playing Pranks on friends and loves ones

Christopher Walken Toliet prank - This was the best prank ever. I laughed so hard that I was glad I was near the toilet.
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May 28, 2007 9:54pm CST
What is your favorite prank you have ever played and who was it on? Or, what was the best prank pulled on you?The best prank ever pulled on me was by my husband. He printed a picture of Christopher Walken with a caption that said "Walken is watching you " and taped it to the inside of the toliet lid. It was really funny, but even more so because I once had a really creepy dream with Christopher Walken in it. I added a pic of it for you all. There is a website out there that I am sure a quick Google search would find, but thre are other sayings too like "Walken is watching you poop".
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@coolseeds (3921)
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29 May 07
Have you ever sprayed all of the shaving cream out of a can? If you haven't, there is a lot of stuff in that little can. You can freeze it and it will be a solid mass. If you take this frozen shaving cream you can put it in something like a glove box in a car. As it thaws it will expand. Well you know the rest. I have been studying medicinal plants for some time. My neighbors were very disrespectful so I played a prank on them. I extracted the oils out of poison ivy and sprayed it all over their door knobs as well as door handles on their cars.