how to make your girlfriend fall in love to your more than ever.

May 28, 2007 10:05pm CST
I have trouble with my girlfriend because we are always fighting and almost ending up with break-up.. I want to start this discussion so I can help other with this kind of problem and also to myself.
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• India
29 May 07
I don't know how you choose a girlfriend Is basing on appearance, or physical nature, or what...Ofcourse, what ever be the reason once you made a girlfriend its upto you how to mould her into your track for that it needs lots of patience. There is a process.... Let her to talk more and more... accept that you have done so many mistakes and etc., During this process observe her feelings, also tell her that you are unable to understand the feelings of ladies, ask her to explain how to understand them... praise for even simple things she made... appreciate her always make your self downgrade with her at the same time ask her to help you to be upward... Like this a process of steps you have to maintain until you thoroughly know about herself fully. Ofcourse, it takes a long period of time, Basing on this you get a clear idea about her and her views and ambitions during that try to get her favourities .... Now make her suprise by giving good gifts and etc., after giving you have to say that you can afford for that only and tell her if at all you have what other things you can present her and etc.,
• India
18 Jun 07
Thanks for choosing my idea is best
• Philippines
4 Jul 07
well the best key in the relationship is communication..when you argue over some things don't let your emotions control over should be on neutral..and always make her feel that she's your world....and always compliment each other...
@forisuru (217)
• Sri Lanka
4 Jun 07
Dear Friend, that's what we call love. in a true love there should be fights like that. otherwise it feels so boring. but after everytime both of you need to be refreshed. that's how love reach it's Zenith. So i think the best way to refresh your love is take her to a Dinner..or give a present. Thanks
• Philippines
3 Jun 07
just be patience dad and understand me.. I know I have my mistakes and I'm sorry for that..
@innechen (1321)
• Indonesia
31 May 07
i also always fighting with my ex- when i was still with him.we both dont realize whats wrong between us, but after i break up with him i evaluate myself and find some things in me that i think need to be repaired.maybe this useful for you. 1. find a good time where you and ur gf can talk in mature conversation about what you both like and dislike from ur partner and why. 2. if its end up fighting again, you have to be able to controll ur emotions and keep low of ur voice so the fighting would not continue and end the conversation 3. after fighting, you both have to settle down your self and you can be the first to say "sorry" and talk wisely why you angry or ask why she is angry. all of that is not easy, because one of you have to sacrifice more then the other, but it'll come up good in the end.just like me and my hubby, his temper has been going on very well in the past few years bcoz i always remind him when he start to yell again, of course i talk nice and in low voice good luck
• Philippines
29 May 07
leave her... joke!
@SageMother (2277)
• United States
29 May 07
You cannot MAKE someone love you more than ever. It sounds as if you want to gain access to her emotions on a level that allows you to have control so that you don't have to honor her opinions, needs, ideas, wishes, goals.......almost like a wind up doll. You have a couple of realistic choices that are not manipulative. You can adjust your attitude so that you can withstand calm conversations and reach agreements with her, or you can simply does what she wants.