who's your favorite girl character from one piece?

@xquisite (156)
United States
May 28, 2007 11:40pm CST
i like nico robin...really misterious and elegant...and strong too :) all the girl characters in one piece are cute tho... xquisite http://www.xquisite.us
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@liorohit (21)
• Turkey
26 Oct 07
I like Nico Robin. Her ability is so cool.
• Brazil
17 Sep 07
I like Nami :) I think she's funny hehehe
@MrPahn (173)
• Philippines
2 Sep 07
Favorite?? 'hhmmm I'm not particular who,, because, I love both Nami and Nico Robin They are both hot, sexy, smart and skillfull. How can you compare them? By strength? I dont think so, they are still both skillfull enough :D
• Philippines
15 Aug 07
i like nico robin, too!
• Indonesia
15 Aug 07
of course nico robin. love her so much. i adore her. strong, elegant, calm, everything. and what's cute about her, she's always honest. saying comment that is an honest comment. although that will scared the others, hehe =p hey, i like kalifa too, the secretary (is it the correct name?). her power of eating that devil fruit was unique. and sanji became totally stupid in fornt of her. i still laugh when i read those chapter.
• Philippines
8 Jun 07
i also like nico robin. cause she has the most cooolest weapon of all the girls in one piece. her ability is so usefull at all times. and also she is into history and geography of a treasure or i think the whole world...
@emarie (5451)
• United States
7 Jun 07
love the girls...Nico Robin and Nami...very strong girls...but who can't but love the whole straw hat crew...chopper is cute, luffy is just funny and sanji and zoro constantly fighting and funny too...the show is so much fun to watch....
@kawaii24 (520)
• Australia
5 Jun 07
nami..she is strong, brave and I call her the shadow captain of straw hat pirates :) hehehehe
@swapw07 (247)
• United States
31 May 07
NONE! They are all annoying. I like Zoro, he makes the anime fun. The girls do seem to be always whiny about everything. Nico Robin is a hard cookie, but we would definitely need to see more of her fights to see her value.