I am very much hurt today!!

May 28, 2007 11:44pm CST
It seems that everything is going very wrong with me for some years now. Today I am very much hurt. Actually I lost my debit card few days back and still have not got it. I am getting tensed now as it is not tracable till now. Again today i had a fight with one of my good friends over chat. he was one of my good friends. But due to difference in luck of ours, he has got few onsite opportunities off late, i have not got one also. Today only he told me that he is going for another onsite for long term, 2 months. I asked him the date. But he told suddenly that he don't know. I know it for sure he is hiding this from me. I told him, its ok if u don't want to tell me. He got furious and told me taht he don't like my attitude and all. I'm very much hurt about this behaviour of him. i have decided will not talk to him. Am I right? WWhat do u think?
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