Frustation at highest.. help!

May 28, 2007 11:49pm CST
I think its better to share with fellow mylotters. My depression has reached its higest peak. So many reasons behid it. One month back i attended an interview withn a good comapny. i am trying for new jobs as i don't like my current job. last friday they have notified me that i am not selected. it made me very frustated. then That day only my father lost my ATm card. i discobverd next day that he has lost it. what a hectic day it had bee for me, callung customer care, going to ATm to seach and enquire it, visit to bank etc. Now its blocjed and requested for a new one. But they are telling it will take about 15-20 days. by the mean time i can't use the existing card although i got it baxck after few hours. So i'm feeling very frustated... help me in this situation that what can i do. also i don't understand why all bad things happen to me only.
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• India
29 May 07
Relax, dont get frustrated. when you relax you can think and you can get solutions for your problem. These kind of things will happen not only to you but most of us. Dont get disappointed that you didnt get a job. Keep trying you become strong and get to learn lots in life when you come across situation like you are facing. You can prepare better and will be more confident to answer in next interview. Think always positive. there is something good which will happen in future dont worry. Days will pass in no minutes you will get a new ATM and now you will learn you have to keep your things carefully. take care