Generate Response like rain!

@sandwedge (1341)
May 29, 2007 1:01am CST
I have been with MyLot for less than a week and came to a conclusion the ONE of the ways to buff up your earnings is to get MUCHO responses to your postings. easy said then done you say? I notice there are discussion regarding, only beautiful girls getting more response or someone complaining why their posting failed to draw in any worthwhile response. another would ask what topic would gget more people involved with the duiscussion. well i am the genie in the lamp and i am going to help everyone generate response like rain. (i have a feeling i am going to get flame for giving out this secret) here it is. as you know, the users in MyLot are from many different countries. and as you know, there are people in the world who are killing women and children while killing themselves. if someone is willing to kill themselves and other innocent helpless people with them, then Lo! and Behold! then they will continue discuss the issue at hand PASSIONATELY. the answer to MyLotters prayers..they will post like crazy if you comment about their ideology/believes. stay away from Hindus..they are like the great oak tree. nothing bothers them. stay away from christians, they just reply that you are hopeless or will never understand or worst ignore you. stay away from buddhist, these are cool cats and nothing bothers their concentrations. these group will ignore you most of the time. the rest? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. i tested with one issue and wowzers! just replying to keep the so-called discussion going my earnings multiply like rabbits. However MyLot calculate the earning must have deduced that the discussion is a very serious and passionate one. Should you start discussions like "Are Suicide Bombers Gay?" or "Suicide Bombers-Good Riddence! One less Idiot in the World" may get response like crazy. Be creative and remember, post in the correct category and be responsible MyLotters and click on the "-" to keep the flame going.
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@macubx (11422)
• Philippines
29 May 07
i wouldnt mind if people wont respond to any of my discussions.. i just know how to tap mylot earnings anyways... hehehe.. :P