What do you do after wake up?

@rosyidi (101)
May 29, 2007 2:16am CST
Brush you teeth or drink water first? I went to farmacy recently and she says after wake up it better u drink water first because it can reduce toxin in your body..I just practice it and still to see any effect.
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• Philippines
29 May 07
Every morning I always drink water first before the other stuffs.. It's actually good internal cleanser on your body when you do drink water first,since everybody knows that water can help a lot in our body.. Here is one suggestion. Drink 2 glasses (16 oz.) upon arising. Then, another 2 glasses midmorning and 2 more mid afternoon. Another way is to take a quart with you in the morning and sip it all morning and then another quart in the afternoon and do the same. More water than this amount may be needed, depending on the circumstances. Hope this helps! ^_^
@rosyidi (101)
• Malaysia
29 May 07
Yeah...thank lot. Let us keep our health well
@d00d00 (827)
• Hong Kong
29 May 07
after waking up in the morning, the first thing i do is wash my face. then i brush my teeth. go make breakfast, eat breakfast. take a bath, change to my clothes. go out to work.