How to sleep well

May 29, 2007 6:56am CST
No one discuss this subject for more than 3 months.So I came here to disscus a problem most people will faced,insominia.I was disturbed by insominia about two years ago.It is really disturbed me for I can not work well in daytime. My wife tell me milk or vinegar can help me.And that really work.Now I can sleep well again.except that,I do some physical exercise everyday.It also help me sleep well.So what is your way to again this problem.Just post here.
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• India
28 Dec 07
The rice diet is a good detox diet and very healthy for you. You eat brown rice three times a day and have fruit and veggies with it and for snacks. I sometimes add some milk, maple syrup is good too. The first 2 days are supposed to be really strict, but I usually skip that part. The rice is filling and the vegetables and fruits give some variety. I like rice with sauced mushrooms, onions and green peppers like a stir fry. It is also easy.
@Sandy100 (141)
29 May 07
I suffered from a bout of insomnia a few years ago, I tried several things drinking warm milky drinks before bed, using lavender scented smells in the bedroom and persuaded my wife to give me relaxing massages. Not sure which one worked the most but between them it seemed to ease and can now sleep quite well most nights now without any help.
@reachravi (453)
• India
29 May 07
Well i dont suffer from this problem but yes on some days do feel sleepless and then feel like sleeping in the morning...i have noticed few things which might be of help to you... 1. When i do lot of work which tires me..i often fall asleep very fast that day...can be through exercise or walks or shopping:-). 2. A cup of milk is a good solution not tried it but have heard of it and read in books.. 3. Whenever i dont get sleep...i usually close my eyes and stay calm for 10 minutes...after that also if i dont get sleep i count backwards from the time i reach 30 i am fast asleep...this is just a trick i use on myself might not work for all.. These are the only things i can say about insomnia...hope it helps you...
@dopey22girl (3324)
• United States
29 May 07
I sleep very well, but I do not get enough sleep. I work too much and don't get to sleep as early as I would like. But when I do go to bed, I am able to fall asleep very quickly. So no, I don't suffer from insomnia.