earning through mylot.

May 29, 2007 10:33am CST
hey i have joined mylot just 4 days ago.and i was wondering if reaLLY i can make an income here.does anyone has earned throgh mylot and if yes how much maximum do you earn here.
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• United States
29 May 07
I have earned about a max of 20 dollars here so far, thats what i've earned entirely. I joined two months ago, and i've been slacking lately though. Something i've come to find is that you need to respond more than posting, and you need to give a good answer thats at least a paragraph or so long. Its the quality that they rate you for, not the lenght or amount of responses. If you say yes or no, thats not a quality answer. If you work hard I believe that you have unlimited potential here at mylot, you could earn anything. For instance say you made a goal to answer all the topics on your opening page, thats at least 100 or more responses there. Say you go even further as to answer ever post without a response, then there's thousands of potential. You just have to sit down and put yourself to work, it can be long and annoying answering everyone's topics but its worth it. If you put yourself to the test and you do a good job, your reward is worth it. I've made a goal to get to at least 1500 before the first, its outrageously far from being accomplished but i'm going to do it. I think if I work my bum off the rest of the time this month I can do it, plus with the quality of my posts i can get a chance to earn more. So my advice to you is work your bum off and do it with style and quality, you'll earn alot if you do it that way.
• India
29 May 07
thanks for the reply.i was unaware of the facts that you stated in your post,so it is really going to be helpful to me and i think now i can generate a lot.anyways ,thanks a lot