Organ Donation

United States
May 29, 2007 11:22am CST
I was just reading an article about a TV game show in Amsterdam that is going to have a teriminally ill person donate their kidney to one of three contestants, there will be call in votes like on American Idol but ultimately the donor gets to choose one of the three to receive her kidney. Do you believe this is an ethical way to choose someone and given the oppurtunity if you are an organ donor would you want to choose who it went to rather than it be decided by doctors and lists? Or would you want it to go to the person that needed it the most and has been waiting the longest, closer to death etc?
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• India
29 May 07
Go for it. I think that it should be voluntary. It saves lives and doesn't hurt any one in the process. I believe there should be conditions with it which at times are falling by the wayside (actually and ethically). Just as a side note, people that say yes to organ donation also say yes to other things. There body parts and sometimes sections of there bodies are used in experimentation and other things that many consider to be outside the realm of medicine.
• United States
29 May 07
Thank you for your response! I am an organ donor and respect others desicion not to be however I was wondering if you thought a game show was an ethical way to choose someone.