Adbux posted an update...check it out!

United States
May 29, 2007 11:32am CST
I was able to login in finally and get my 7 clicks SLOWLY but surely. I noticed that adbux made an update about why things have been going very slowly. They have also tightened up their TOS to basically a NO tolerance for spamming or cheating policy. Any inactive members will be pruned by the later part of June thus dropping the total membership by thousands. This is believable since half of my downline is inactive. Also the membership upgrade should be in place by the 1st. I went ahead and upgraded since I have earned over 20 dollars from adbux. Now I have nothing to lose. Anyway, check it out and post your comments. They even included Mylot in their update.
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@yeenee (134)
• Malaysia
30 May 07
Before reading their update this morning, I found someone here at mylot posting that he got a warning from adbux because of spamming. I guess they want to protect adbux for long term and we won't lose our source of free to earn site too.