being stood up!

@nurhoney (1123)
May 29, 2007 11:48am CST
My friends and I are planned to go out on a saturday night. a week before the said date, we already agreed on the time and place to meet up. Some of my girl friends and I was there early or on time except for two friends. They were like almost 30 minutes late and didnt even tried to call us what happened to them or if they werent coming or whatever. Its just so annoying especially if everybody are so excited about the whole night out and most of all, its killing the time. I hate it when my friends or anybody are running late when meeting up with me at home or anywhere...its ok to wait as long as they give me a call to inform me why they will be late or how long it will take them to arrive. Do you always get stood up? What do you do while waiting for that person? How do you feel about being stood up? Have you ever stood up anybody and what was the reason?
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@lpipe0240 (1161)
• United States
29 May 07
Usally I call the person untill I get ahold of him/her. I cannot stand people no showing up or late without a call. I know meny of times the late with no call has happened and I feel like they are not respecting my time. I should let them know this, but I'm to nice of a guy...
@nurhoney (1123)
• Philippines
30 May 07
thats right...people like that doesnt respect you at all...thanks for sharing.
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