diet coke

United States
May 29, 2007 12:39pm CST
So, I am curious do you think that its addictive? I have to have one kind. I love the diet big K. Its the best. I can not stop drinking once I start though. I cant drink name brand cokes now after having that kind. I sometimes think they must put something in them to make them addictive. As, I go through so much. I am trying so hard to give it up because I know its horrible for my teeth. And, I am trying to drink water much more. Difficult task :)
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• United States
29 May 07
I don't like carbonated beverages at all, with the exception of energy drinks like rockstar and monster. Coke is too sweet and bubbly for me. I have no doubt though that with its sugar and caffeine content, it is certainly addictive for those who enjoy the taste.
• United States
29 May 07
It is definitely addictive! My best friend, who was a diet pepsi addict, had to stop drinking it when she developed a hereditary kidney disease. She had horrible headaches and nervousness for a week. And just some FYI, she is in the process of getting all her teeth pulled because of all the pop she's drank since high school. My husband goes thru about a 2 liter of diet cola a day and will not stop. If he runs out he's in a panic within a matter of hours. And more FYI, his teeth are falling out and rotting away. I have never been a pop drinker. I'm a morning coffee drinker. Probably 3 - 5 cups a day. But I can honestly say that if I don't have any coffee in the house I don't panic or get nervous though sometimes I will get a slight headache which usually goes away after a short while. I have gone several days without coffee and it has never bothered me in the least. I'm a big water drinker, probably 6 glasses a day or more. So if I don't have coffee I just start on my water earlier. The only time I drink soda is if our band is playing at a bar. Most bars don't serve bottles of water so I'll drink a soda or bring my own water bottle. Final FYI, I've only had 3 cavities my entire life.. I'm 47 yrs old.
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• India
29 May 07
Diet coke - Diet coke not very good for our health
This is what i read about diet coke from my friend e-mail. Please reads it,One version of Diet Coke (and majority of beverages using artificial sweeteners) relies on Aspartame, which has been blamed by some scientists and medical professionals for possibly causing serious illnesses (such as brain tumors, brain lesions, and lymphoma) when consumed in large quantities. Other researchers have found no such link, or believe that the quantities in sodas such as Diet Coke are much too small to cause adverse effects. It should be noted that Coca-Cola has now released Diet Coke sweetened with sucralose (also known as Splenda)