Directv vs Dishtv

United States
May 29, 2007 12:55pm CST
I was going over my directv bill this weekend and decided to see if I could lower it through downgrading my service. I went on-line and some stations that I was sure were basic are now total choice plus. Reading through I see the plans have changed at one point and if I change anything I can't change back. If I downgrade I will be loosing Speedtv along with other can't live without favorites. Dishtv is cheaper and it looks like I get my favorites plus 2 free DVR's. I wanted to hear about your experiences do you have dishtv, do you like it? One last thought, I wish they had a cafeteria plan, I get 185+ stations most of what we do not and never will watch. I wish I could choose which 185 stations I get.
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