Giant Food Stores- save on gas!!

United States
May 29, 2007 1:50pm CST
I always did my grocery shopping at Giant Foods. When they came out with gas rewards about a year ago they became the place I shop at for about 95% of my food, toiletries and other stuff. Forget Walmart and Target! For every 100 points I get ($1 is 1 point) I get $.10 off every gallon of gas for one car up to 30 gallons. They run the gas rewards points often so I am always doing my shopping there now in case it is one of the times that they are doing it. They just finished another run and I will be getting $.80 off every gallon!!! My points expire on June 1st so I have to fill up by then. I am waiting til I absolutely need to fill up because I want to get the best discount possible. Do you have anything like this in your area? I think it is a great idea because they get your business and you get to save on something that is now costing a kidney! As long as Giant does gas rewards I am going to be a hardcore customer!!! Plus they still run their normal reward points even when gas rewards are running- you get your points going to both causes. I think more places should do stuff like this for their customers.
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