WOW Exploitation

May 29, 2007 8:49pm CST
I met a friend while riding to the office one day and he says he's been addicted to World of Warcraft eversince it made its way into our country. Best thing of all is that some get to play all day and make a hell lot of money in doing so. Naturally I said "wtf man! how you do that?" So he explained the process to me. He has other friends in nearby cities who are members of this small "business". What they do is they look for children who love to play the game and ask them if they want to earn cash while playing. They promise to give 100 dollars if they are able to collect 1000 gold per day. That's the quota. If you are a child and you are promised 100 dollars just to play, that would be heaven right? I mean cmon... money is money. It turns out that these scumbags collect the gold for themselves and sell em online. They earn like 2500 dollars in doing so. Of course that's because they have a bunch of kids "playing and earning" for them. I'd like to hear your comments on that guys.
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@0Impact0 (69)
• United States
30 May 07
I hate WoW to begin with, because it steals people from real games like Counter Strike and Warcraft III, but that is beside the point. I don't really see a problem in this, because the kids are just getting a bonus to play. Yes it's undervalued, but it's not like the Chinese gold farms where it is their job to play WoW for like 70 cents an hour 18 hours a day (That is where the real exploitation is) and then it's sold for tens of thousands of dollars. I saw a show on the gold farms in China and one of the 'farmers' said that his friend/coworker had to take a day off because his eyes started to bleed from staring at the computer screen for so long. Terrible.
• Philippines
30 May 07
Dang! That happens? Cruel world huh... well I guess you're right. It's really a matter of perception. I do believe that the injustice only happens when you are already mistreated. I feel that those kids love playing WOW and it is just a bonus that they can earn money while doing it huh? That's a totally different point of view. Thank you very much for that. Oh by the way, I can relate to the fact that counter strike and warcraft gameplay is so much better than and that WOW is stealing the show from these games. Wait till starcraft 2 get's released my man. :P
• Malaysia
25 Jul 07
Now thats just being mean. You could probably report this to the authorities if you have any information. I mean this is scamming people. I've seen many cases where scamming can get you locked up in bars or chased down by the FBI.Stay call :D