NEED HELP PLEASE! My dog was sold wihtout me knowing...

United States
May 29, 2007 10:02pm CST
Please help me... OK, I need some legal advice, so I don't know if there are any of you out there that are lawyers, know a lawyer, or whatever, but here's my dilemma. 3 yrs. ago when my son was born I adopted out my Presa Canario whom I loved dearly but couldn't keep for personal reasons. The woman that adopted him seemed wonderful and even wrote up a contract herself which had a few terms written which she had to abide by including that she would send me pics regularly of Cage and that she would be his owner for his entire life. If she was not able to take care of him any longer she would have to offer him to me first, and, if I couldnt take him, I would be allowed to help in finding him a new home. Well, after trying to contact her for about 6 months I finally googled my Cage boy and found a couple of ads that she placed in December to sell him for $2500!!! (She only paid me for the shipping and vet expenses). She also stated that he had sired 2 litters when last time I spoke w/her she promised she would contact me if she was to breed him. She never did. I e-mailed her 1 week ago and she didn't write back. So today I called her again and left her a normal message though you could tell by the sound of my voice that something was wrong. She then e-mailed me back about 1 hr. later telling me this whole saga story which included "placing" Cage in a new home and that she did not have my contact info. I e-mailed her back explaining to her how upset I felt and I quoted the contract, so she e-mailed me that she had lost my email because her Yahoo account had been frozen for lack of usage and she lost all her contacts. She also had her cell phone shut off, lost her phone, and therefore lost my number. She said that she didn't really sell Cage, but was just charging a lot of $ 'cause that way no creeps would call her. My question, do I have any legal grounds here? I'm very upset by this and really want to take her to court. Not to get $$ but to try to get my dog back! HELP! By the way, she did sell the dog, but I only have the purchaser's ID from the site he bought the dog from.
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