centrelink frauds - cheaters - should you dob them in

May 29, 2007 10:41pm CST
Do you think that if you were aware of a person/family/company defrauding centrelink that you should dob them in? I have been having an internal moral debate with myself as to whether I should "dob" someone in or not and wanted others thoughts.
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@signum (547)
• Australia
23 Sep 08
Definitely dob them in. I have a $3K debt with them due to their mistake. They stuffed up details of my employment earnings when I told them what it was. They admitted that it was their error but I have to pay it back which is fair enough. If a bank were to accidentally deposit a sum of money into my account in error I would have to pay that back if i were to spend it, so it's only fair. I think that the cheats should be ashamed of themselves. Welfare is there for the people who truly need it, not for the ones who want to scam the system.
@pilbara (1436)
• Australia
30 May 07
I think that you should. There are a lot of people out there who genuinely need help and then there are those who just try to take advantage of the system and don't need it. I always wonder why people see it as worse to report people doing the wrong thing than it is to actually be doing the wrong thing in the first place.