What do you think about your life style?

@xueyao (164)
May 29, 2007 11:34pm CST
I am busy everyday.I want to do much thing and study much knowledge but I feel that I haven't enough time to do that,I must thinking other business when I am doing the other thing.It is in rush everytime,so I am tired sometimes.It is stange that I feel like this and I suitable for this life style.Maybe It will keep all my life.as my father,He will be under the weather if he doesn't do anything someday,He run in and out at home constantly.I am worry about what does her to do when he will retired.ha ha, He has in rush all his life. What about your life style?why?
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• India
30 May 07
It is our high and too much expectation which make our life style busy. We should understand that any expectations have limit. Our need should be limited then only we can control. It is true that everyone of us want to be rich, success etc but limitless planning will lead our life uncomfortable. From your text, it is clear that you are going in the same way as your father. Your father has no peace of mind even he is older now and you are taking part in his business. He should leave gradually and hand over the charge to you. You should also make daily planning in such a way that you have enough time for you and your family members. Money/business is not everything, remember. Personal life is as essential as other activities in life.
@xueyao (164)
• China
31 May 07
Thank you for your information.I belive that everyone has some targets all of his life,Maybe it is very tired to reach it, but this is a choice I want to be.I don't want too much money,but it is important to know and learn much.