my high school days

May 30, 2007 4:35am CST
hi peepz! i would like to start a brief discussion about my high school days. i can still remember how enjoyable my high school years were, it was the time that i found myself getting drunk before attending a dawn rosary around the town. i was religious then, but i was tempted by my colleagues to rock and roll that very night until dawn, just before the rosary procession started. WOW! whatta cool rhum flowing in my nerves dude! i can remember i encountered a teacher who would'nt let me pass in her subject, but she couldnt help but give me a just grade of 94! hahahahaha you are welcome to share your crappy, cheesy and most hilarious high school experiences. you might include your high school crushes, the bgi events that you had participated i during those days. your intramural, your victory ball, the graduation ball, the promenade, and anything that you can remember in those days..i bet you dont have memory gap guys...hehehehe happy posting! =)
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