Today, I got a twitch on the side of my nose, then started having other symtoms

@meholl (510)
United States
May 30, 2007 4:41am CST
That I would normally get with a migraine. Impaired vision in one eye, tingling and heaviness, but not numbness, on the same side of the body as the side of the twitching nose, sesitive to sound. But I didn't have a migraine. The past few days, I have had a general sense of just not feeling right. I know that symptoms of a migraine are almost the same as a stroke. The twitching lasted on and off for about 12 hours, but what is causing the twitching? I most certainly didn't have a stroke. As for generally not feeling well, I got some mosquito bites and have always had a rather nasty reaction which is releived by antihistamines, which for me makes me feel not right. But what caused the twitching of my nose... and the symptoms that came along with it....? Anyone that has any thought other than seeing the doctor, which I am doing after I get the kids to school...
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